We Buy & Sell Gold

We Buy & Sell Gold

We buy scrap gold, old jewelry, and other precious metals


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► Casa de Oro has been a buyer and seller of precious metals since 1977

► Casa de Oro is an accredited business with a BBB rating of A+

► Casa de Oro has assisted many commercial banks, trust departments and estates in the liquidation of assets.


We also trade coin and precious metals for investment.



Steps to take

1. Find a reputable dealer in your area first and check prices: Someone is paying for that free shipping being offered on the internet. Go to and type in your zip code to check for the Better Business Bureau rating and the number of complaints.

2. Find out how much you will be paid: Don't sell to anyone who won't quote you a price in advance.

3. Educate yourself: Know what you have: Many consumers are being paid for their gold at predatory prices.

Casa de Oro has been a precious metal trader and buyer of precious metal scrap since 1977, long before many of the current buyers you see. We make it really easy to turn your old, unwanted or broken gold jewelry, Sterling Silver or Diamonds into the cash you need now. We pay cash for gold jewelry, broken gold, scrap gold, gold watches, gold coins, and more. We will give you a free quote on any thing that you would like to sell. We will buy small single items and have liquidated estates over $1,000,000 in value. Why do business with an unknown dealer out of town or over the internet? We are a brick and mortar store for your local shopping needs.

According to a recent tally on the Better Business Bureau's website, complaints are rising against gold dealers advertising on cable television channels who are buyers of unwanted gold jewelry. The complaints range from pricing discrepancies and misleading advertising to customer service issues and claims for lost shipments.

The value of more commonly traded gold coins is not calculated in the same manner as old jewelry or “scrap” gold. Coin normally will bring a much higher percentage value than scrap. The value of gold in a jewelry item is based on how much gold is actually in it. The higher the karat the more gold it contains.

24 karat gold = (.999) “pure” gold

18 karat gold = (.750)

14 karat gold = (.583)

10 karat gold = (.417)

The price you receive will be based on some percentage of the gold that can be recovered from your item based on weight. The percentage offered by many other dealers will probably range from 35% to 60% of actual gold value.