Custom Design Jewelry

Custom Design Jewelry

Custom Design Jewelry

Turn your fantasies into reality. We provide custom design service and can cast or fabricate that special jewelry piece you’ve been dreaming about.  Our manufacturing facility can provide production of that one unique item you’re wanting, or hundreds of identical items for your club, organization, or for resale.  We offer a selection of basic designs, as well as custom services for your special requests.  Our designers/gemologists are full of ideas.  We have pictures of previous custom projects and encourage you to explore the possibilities.  We take great pride in service to our customers and making your diamond and fine jewelry experience one that is both successful and memorable.  Our inventory of diamonds and colored gemstones is extensive.  We encourage you to call with any special requests. Bring us your loose stones, old jewelry, or just your ideas.  We can build your dream for you.  You’ll learn to recognize our registered trademark, CDO® as a sign of quality.


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Opal Earrings Sterling &14K Yellow

Product no.: 4884

$399.95 *
Still in stock

Tourmaline/Quartz Pendant 14K Yellow

Product no.: 3277

$759.95 *
Still in stock

Copralite Pendant 14K Yellow

Product no.: 3229

$352.95 *
Still in stock

Quartz "Lone Star" Pendant 14K Yellow

Product no.: 3275

$336.00 *
Still in stock

Tourmalated Quartz Pendant 14KY/Sterling

Product no.: 5357

$899.95 *
Still in stock

Dendritic Opalized Tree Ring 14K Yellow

Product no.: 3733

$1,995.00 *
Still in stock

Red Jasper Ring 18KY & Sterling Silver

Product no.: 4386

$1,894.95 *
Still in stock

Quartz (Dendritic) Ring 14K Yellow

Product no.: 3740

$1,549.95 *
Still in stock

Rose Quartz and Diamond Ring 14K White

Product no.: 4283

$1,399.95 *
Still in stock

Opal "Yowah Nut" Earrings 14K Yellow

Product no.: 2659

$749.95 *
Still in stock

Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White

Product no.: 14114

$24,500.00 *
Still in stock

Boulder Opal Pendant Sterling & 18KY

Product no.: 14229

$499.95 *
Still in stock

New Custom Designed Fish Hook

Product no.: HOOK

starting at $30.95 *
In stock
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Design Process

Design Process

The design process and steps!  While creating a custom designed piece may seem overwhelming, we are experienced at simplifying the process. 

Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

Personalized custom jewelry at Casa de Oro Jewelers.  We can create a unique design for you, come in and see us today.

Casting Process

Casting Process

A picture tour of creating cast jewelry! The following is picture detail of casting multiple pieces of the same item.