Are the roses real?

The stems, leaves, and petals of our roses are all guaranteed to be real, and each rose is unique as in nature. In most cases, you can even see the veins in the petals and leaves.


What is the quality/strength of the roses?

Living Gold roses are widely considered the best in the market today in terms of quality, strength and craftsmanship.

The fully plated gold, platinum & silver roses are heavy and durable, and they can withstand everyday handling. The color roses are lighter and more fragile since they're only partially dipped in metal, but they still don't break easily unless there's heavy force. (We recommend handling one as you would a wine glass.) All roses undergo a thorough quality check.

Warning: Beware of cheap/fake imitations. There have been reports of new "24k gold plated roses" from other sources that are very poorly made or not even made of real roses (e.g., plastic stems, spray painted, gold foil, etc.). Please research your items carefully before purchasing.


How are the roses made?

We can't give away any secrets of course, but this is the general idea:

The flowers are carefully selected, sized and formed right when they begin to bloom. They are then electroplated with our secret formula and technique, first in layers of copper and nickel.

They are re-formed and repaired again and again until they are ready for their 24k gold or platinum finish. Due to the very nature of organic materials, it is very difficult to electroplate them and keep the integrity of their form. Each piece is done by hand, and it takes 3-6 months and more than 50 steps to complete.


How long will the roses last?

The roses will last forever.


How do I care for the roses?

Lightly dab the rose with hot water to remove any dust or debris.